Royalty-Free Music

Linked below are the Bandcamp pages for the various RFM packs I have released. All of these songs are Royalty-Free, meaning you are allowed to use them in games, videos, etc. with proper attribution. All packs are “pay what you want.” Anything you are able to pay is greatly appreciated, though not required.


All tracks on my royalty-free music packs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. In order to legally use these tracks, I must be listed, by the name Syndroversion, as a musician in your project’s credits. I prefer my name to appear in the actual game, video, etc., not just in a description or information section.

NOTE: ONLY the songs listed as part of a Royalty-Free music pack are available for use. Songs listed as the soundtrack for a specific game or any other tracks on my Bandcamp or Soundcloud pages are NOT to be used without my explicit permission.


If you used one or more of my Royalty-Free tracks in a game, I’d love to hear from you! Tell me about your game and I will list it here!


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