Esper: Make You Live Again Releases!

Almost a year after starting up this website, I am excited to announce the release of my first major project: Esper: Make You Live Again!

Esper is a visual novel written and programmed by Nicolas Mrozik. It features art by Dario Nicolò and Arianna Sabella, and music by Eric Matyas and me, Syndroversion! The story follows Ryo, a student about to graduate from the Esper academy, as he embarks on his final exam, which is also his first assignment in the real world using his Esper powers to help people. But along the way he uncovers strange secrets and realizes he is caught up in something much bigger than just a final exam. I won’t spoil the story here, but it’s an intriguing read and I highly recommend giving it a look. The novel goes for $7.99 on Steam, but there is also a free demo available if you want to read the first part of the story without committing to a payment.

I am extremely excited to have produced music for my first major project. I’m hoping this can be the first step toward bigger and better things. I’ve learned a lot as a music producer through working on this project and I hope to continue learning even more! I also had the pleasure of working with several other talented people on this project. Make sure to check out their other works as well!

Esper: Make You Live Again official website
Esper: Make You Live Again on Steam
Esper: Make You Live Again Soundtrack on Soundcloud


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