Royalty-Free Music Vol. 1: Sci-Fi

Check out the album here!

Music creation and I have a troubled history. For a long time I’ve had the desire to make music, but I’ve never really known how to best go about scratching that creative itch. It seems like I have a perpetual writer’s block on lyrics, so I was rarely able to release an original song that I was truly proud of, and when I did, it took me a year or more to complete a single song. I’ve also produced music for games in the past, but for the past few years I’ve never felt like I could take on the pressure of another commission.

Then, a few months ago, I got a new idea. I decided to just make some generic game music and release it free for anyone to use. Then I could still make music for games, but I can make what I want on my own schedule, without all the restraints of a commission. I guess it really worked for me because I managed to produce a ten-track pack of songs in just three months’ time.

I decided to release my Royalty-Free tracks in themed packs, and the theme of the first pack is “Sci-Fi.” I wanted the first pack to be sort of “all-encompassing,” meaning that, in theory, someone could make an entire game using only songs from this pack. Of course, the pack doesn’t have to be used that way; it is just one option. You are more than welcome to use as many or as few songs as you like.

I’m hoping this will just be the first of many RFM packs that I release. My plan now is to take a few weeks off and then start brainstorming ideas for Pack #2. Stay tuned everyone! Syndroversion is back at it!

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