“Crepuscular” Released!

“Crepuscular” on Bandcamp

“Crepuscular” on Soundcloud

Hey everyone! After another long drought, Syndroversion is back with a new song release! This one features Andy Wagner, also known as The Twilight, one of my lifelong friends who is also a music producer. You can find his music on Soundcloud here. In contrast to my “release one new song every year or two” model, Andy releases something new almost every week, and has already released a few dozen tracks so far this year. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t had time to keep up with his most recent releases, but I can assure you that his music only keeps getting better and better.

We both started experimenting with music production way back in high school, when Andy and I would just make tracks to show each other for fun. When we first started out, I was the one teaching him stuff, because I played an instrument and had more musical background. But I think it’s safe to say now that he has become the master. He’s now the one teaching me, and I always send my tracks to him for review before I release them. He has taught me a large part of what I know about music production today.

I still remember when The Twilight began. It was the summer of 2014, and neither of us had much to do, so we decided to write a comic. Then we decided to make a soundtrack for the comic. At that point we were still just messing around and neither of us had developed our musical identities yet. Although neither the comic nor the soundtrack got any sort of public release, that was sort of the precursor project; the last thing we both worked on before we adopted our pseudonyms and started releasing music for real. It wasn’t long after that that we were recording “Winter’s Eve Lullaby” together and getting ready to release it on Soundcloud. I’m still amazed when I look at how much Andy and The Twilight have grown since then, and I’m honored to have been a part of his story. Although we no longer live near each other and we’re both very busy, we still talk when we can and try to collaborate on new songs, at least occasionally.

Which brings us back to Crepuscular. This song is my tribute to everything Andy has done as The Twilight. The lyrics are loosely based on his story, and I tried to incorporate some elements of his musical style mixed in with my own.

So, here’s to you, Andy. Thank you for giving me the inspiration and motivation to keep producing. I hope your music continues to light up the world for many years to come.

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