“My Heart I Surrender” Cover Released

Hey everyone! Today I have released a new cover video of “My Heart I Surrender” by I Prevail. I decided that since I have this website with a built-in blog functionality, I might as well write a little bit about my releases. So, here goes:

A while ago, my wife and I acquired an Amazon Echo Dot. We don’t really use it much aside from playing music for our daughter, which usually consists of the Disney music station, but my wife figured out that to get the kind of music we like, we have to ask for “Emo” music. So the other day I was listening to this Emo music station, and the song My Heart I Surrender by I Prevail came on. This was the first time I had ever heard the song, but I loved it instantly and decided to learn it on guitar. I also proceeded to add I Prevail’s entire discography to my shuffle playlist on Spotify. That’s honestly it; there’s not much of a story behind this one.

This was probably the most difficult cover video I have recorded to date. The first guitar solo in particular took me a ridiculous number of takes to get it right. Even still it’s not perfect, but I think it was good enough to put in the video. My vocal range was also pushed to its limit, as you can probably hear in my straining voice. The song was a challenge, certainly, but I’m always looking to challenge myself when I learn a new song. After all, how else will I improve?

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